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F-16 Falcon 3.0

Time of day: 
Press [Shift] + T. 

Look down: 
Press [Shift] + U. 

Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 5. 

Jump to location: 
Press P + [Tab] + T. Enter a location code and press [Enter]. 

Debug mode: 
Press P + [Tab] + D to enter debug mode. The following 
information will appear on screen. 

Line 1 - Unknown
Line 2 - Coordinates, altitude, speed
Line 3 - Frame Rate. 

Please submit any information regarding this feature. 

Recon camera: 
Press P + [Tab]. Press one of the following keys while the 
recon camera is active to activate the corresponding effect.

Effect     Key
Increase speed     [Plus] 
Decrease speed     [Minus] 
Increase altitude     [Page Up] 
Decrease altitude     [Page Down] 
Rotate right     [F3]
Rotate left     [F4]
Up and down rotation     Hold [Shift] 
Fine tuning     Hold [Ctrl] 
Return to normal mode     ~


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