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FIFA: Road To The World Cup '98

Super team -
Select the "AC Milan" team and type "worldwide" during the game.

No crowd -
While playing a game, type "city" or "exit" for the crowd to disappear.

Cheat Codes -
Use the "Player Edit" option to change a player name to one of the following 

Result - Cheat Code
Classic 1982 match - zico 
Classic 1966, 1970, 1974, 1982 matches - hurst 
Silly moves - footy or powder 
Crazy ball - dohdohdoh or mrhat 
Big head mode - eac rocks or gabo 
Hot potato mode - xplay or gonzo 
Take a dive - johnny atomic or cartman 
Invisible walls - urlofus 

Crowd sounds -
Score a goal and repeatedly press one of the following keys or buttons to hear 
the corresponding crowd sound:

Sound - Button
Normal drums - Sprint 
Loud drums - Shoot 
Horns - Lob/Long kick 
Crowd cheers - Pass


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