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Forever Legends

Find the man selling Morph potions north of the town. Buy a Morph potion for 100 gold and drink it. Stay on the same screen
and wait until Kilgaly morphs into "Link". Then, enter one of the following codes:

Cheat Code - Result

     ksiamgod - All 4 spells 
     ksgiveme - Maximum money 
     ksliveitup - Maximum HP 
     ksbadpower - Maximum MP 
     kswoahbaby - Maximum attack 
     kslensboy - Kilgaly encased in a bubble 
     kschicken - Disable fights on field 
     kslifesucks - Commit suicide 
     ksitstoeasy - End game 
     kswhodidit - Unknown 
     ksroshambo - Unknown 


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