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A Fork in the Tale


                        Walkthrough by CRASH

Another interactive adventure game with an attitude. But this time, they make something
different. With a blend of humor and nice piece of the action, the game came with a strong
gameplay. It's hard to tell the exact way to solve this game 'cause there are lots and lots of
different path to take, but I try not to spoil everything. So I only give you the main action. You
can try several action on your own. And ..... don't read this if you play in Basic or Competitor
mode, 'cause maybe you're not worth it after all !!! Use this in HERO mode. So with all the
fun waiting in front of you, here is the hints : 


     Disc One : Get an Explanation 
     Disc Two : The Blacksmith 
     Disc Three : Save Natanya 
     Disc Four : Arisar's Secret 
     Disc Five : Arisar's Stronghold 

DISC ONE : Get an Explanation

You start at the hospital. At the first time, just try to stay put, don't follow the girl. After the
shoot out begin, look around you and remember the face of the guys with sunglasses. Then on
the second time, follow the girl. When the shoot out begin, help the girl and punch the
attacker. Memorize the girl and the band. This time you'll be sent to another world. 

Memorize the beach. After swimming to the shore, recall your memory and think about about
the woman. Follow her to the dune. Turn to the beach, and try to pass the horsemen. Then
follow her to the bush. Say your thanks to her and learn the way to gratitude. Recall your
memory and ask her everything until the icons turn to grey. Then follow her around the bushes
while try to knock down all of your chaser. Try to knock down 3 of them now ( look at the
scoring points ). If you do this right, you'll arrived in the castle safely. But if you don't, you'll be
captured and sent to the dungeon and do the scene again before you can continue. 

Anyway in the castle, go to the left of the main door. Open the door to the right. It's the
dungeon. Talk to the ugly wizard inside, learn about who he is. Then he'll ask you to
investigate the lab ( It's the first door on the left wall, to the right of the main door ). Open the
door ( notice : if there's something behind a door, it should be a square icon that appears not
the circle ). Memorize the man on the right table. That's the dude from the hospital. Go back
to the dungeon and tell the wizard about the lab ( a key icon will appear with a symbol of a lab
tube. There should be 5 symbols later on on this key ). Now, the wizard should open a magic
map. You can go either to the beach or to the forest. You'll meet the woman in both of the

This time follow her to the bushes and watch the Amalions pass by. Push that branches aside
to look clearly at them. Hmmm... nice fur bikini !!! Continue the journey and knock down one
more chaser this time. If you do this right, you'll arrive again in the castle. Go see the wizard in
the dungeon again. Learn about where you are now. This time he'll ask you to find out about
king's plan. Now, enter the main door to the building. Go straight to the war room. Peep
through the keyhole. Listen carefully about the plan. The king wants to destroy the Amalions
and burns down the forest. Go back to the corridor and go straight to the dungeon. Tell the
wizard about this plan. Again, the magic map will appear. 

Pick any place you want, you'll meet the mysterious woman again. Follow her to the bushes.
Knock down another chaser. Get back to the wizard. Now, ask him why he is captured. This
time he wants you to find the king. When you reach the front door, turn away and go to the
garden. Stay near the terrace. Listen the conversation. Keep on staying for the second time.
Listen to the conversation between the king and Arisar, his advisor. Report about this to the
wizard. Go back to forest. This time you can recall your memory and ask all of them to the
mysterious woman. Memorize when she tells you about her father and the other world. Ask
her about it. She'll tell you her name : Naranya, then move on. Knock down another chaser,
then go back to the wizard in the dungeon. 

This time, he wants you to find Arisar. Go to the main building. Climb the stair to the second
floor. Peep through the keyhole again. Listen carefully, Arisar wants to kill you !!! Report this
to the wizard, and return to the forest. Knock down another chaser, one more to beat. Back
to the castle, visit the wizard again. Then go to the main building. This time climb to the third
floor. Peep through the keyhole. Listen carefully about the king's evil deed. Report this to the
wizard, and use the magic map. Push on all holes ( there should be 4 of them ) to make the
map appears. Go back to the forest. Knock down the last chaser. Now, the day should turn
to night. Approach the campfire and solve the pattern puzzle. This kind of puzzle is generated
randomly. So, the best way to solve this puzzle is to watch closely to the pattern. Move your
hand cursor to the right, left, up or bottom. When your move is right, the picture will became
more clearly. Keep on finding the right pattern until all of the picture became visible and the
pattern will show up. 

Meet Mersham, the guardian of Eseveron. Talk to him nicely and he'll help you. Choose : I
know you, How ( remember about "Here and there" ), I'm dead, then recall your memory and
ask him everything. the power and care icon will appear. He'll tell you to find Hyphastian, the
blacksmith. Then suddenly there's an ambush by the king's men. Follow Naranya to the forest
and offer her help. Meet Lumaseed, the fairy. Learn about his magic item's pattern. This is the
same as pattern puzzle. They generate it randomly, so move your cursor until the picture of
circular thing became visible. If you guess it right, in the end there should be a pattern appears.
Then take a rest. 

Back to TOP 

DISC TWO : The Blacksmith

When the morning arise, follow Naranya to the forest. Click on the floating square icon to
look at the Amalions tribes. Then continue your journey with Naranya passing the small
volcanoe to the blacksmith. Note : you can get a combat practice by turn away from Neranya.
If you do that, you'll be captured by the Amalions. Remember Seshara's face ( the leader of
the Amalions ) and then fight Geebo, Arisar's man, in a duel to death. Beat him 3 times, then
you'll be free again. Ok, now knock on Hyphastian's door. Hmmm.... no answer. Get inside.
Watch that strange device like an arrow. When Hyphastian come in, try to avoid his beating
until the right time, then grab his stick. He'll be knocked down. Operate that strange machine.
Notice that strange lamp sequence at the begining of each term ( there's should be 3 terms in
total, first : 1 star, 3 star, and the last is 5 star ). Follow the sequence by pressing the button on
the panel. After you do it right, you'll be thrown to another dimension. 

First, activate your Entrophy Tracker with the pattern you have learned earlier. And everytime
your Tracker lost its power, move your cursor and do that pattern again. This is one ridiculous
puzzle, there's no clue on it. Just pure luck. The best way to guess the right hole to enter is to
keep on choosing at the same hole all the time. Click on the hole to enter. In the final try, you'll
see a wall without hole on it. Just click on the right side, then duck 3 times at the horizontal
bone. Quickly enter the cave on the right. It will end this puzzle sequence. Good luck for it !!!!

You'll be back at Hyphastian's house. Help Naranyan. Memorize Sorena, Hyphastian's wife.
After the talking ( memorize Cage and Conlin ), go outside and talk to Naranya. Recall your
memory and ask her about Conlin, and the other choice after that ( Remember to ask about
Hyphastian in the last order ). Go back inside and ask Hyphastian to open your band.
Memorize the name. Hmmmm.... not working, you'll meet Mersham after the hospital
sequence. He'll send you back to the ocean. This kind of puzzle is easy. Just follow the fish's
movement BUT beware, everytime you hear a strange noise go to the opposite direction of
the fish's movement. After guessing the right direction, you'll see a turtle. Approach it. In the
end, you'll arrive at the beach. This time don't run when the king's man chasing you ( This is for
the bonus sequence in Hero's mode ). 

They'll bring you to meet the king and Cage. Then they'll captured you in the dungeon. OK,
let's explore the castle one more time until you've collect the 5 icons on the key again. First,
the wizard will ask you to go to the lab. Go there and talk to Conlin. Notice that he's working
with an old manuscript. Ask him about the code. Leave when the other scientist notice you.
Report this to the wizard. Then use the magic map to go to the forest or the Amolians camp.
Just don't run again when the king's men after you. 

Back to the wizard. Now he asks you to find the king. Go to the garden, you'll meet the king
near the fountain. Listen for his conversation with Cage. Hmmm.... the king wants to eliminate
Conlin. Report this to the wizard. Then again choose forest or Amalions camp. Get captured
one more time and go back to the wizard. This time go inside the main building. Climb the stair
to the second floor. Peep through the keyhole. Hmmm...... Arisar has a daughter. He is
loosing her somewhere in the island. Report this to the wizard. Do the same thing abouth the
map and return to the wizard. Now go back to the garden and listen to the conversation
between the soldiers. They plan to make a rebellion. Report this to the wizard. And for the last
time do the sequence with the magic map again. Back to the wizard. And go to the war room
in the main building. Peep through the keyhole. Listen to Arisar's plan on chasing Naranya.
Report back to the wizard. OK, that's for the bonus sequence. 

Use the magic map and push the 4 holes to make it appears. Then choose the small volcano.
Go back to the blacksmith house. Choose this conversation in order : Call him, Sarcastic,
Will it hurt ?, What, Why, How Long, OK, Refuse, and finally Angry. The option for recall
memory should appears. Ask him about everything. When you finally ask him about the True
Power, he'll get up and change to another person. Wow... Is it some kind of magic ??? He'll
tell you to find the inn. Get out and talk to Sorena about it and received the Dragon Staff.
Click on it to get it. Learn the pattern to recharge the staff from your old friend, Lumaseed the
fairy. Memorize it. 

Now prepare for this hard and long battle with the Amalions. Use the Dragon Staff to block
any attack from the Amalions and the king's man. Every 6 block, you should re-charge your
staff. The star points will raise up if you can guess the direction of a strange girl who is running
in the forest ( usually she'll appear every 4-6 succesful blocks ). And sometime near the end of
this puzzle, you'll have to use the other magic device ( the Entrophy Tracker ) to locate the girl
in the forest. Use the device on any bush movement that appear. Look carefully and you can
notice the movement. Hint : the movement is usually appear in the middle of 2 trees. You'll
have to do this 3 times. After the last guess, you'll arrive in the inn. 

Back to TOP 

DISC THREE : Save Natanya

This is an easy task, but full of movies clips beside the main story. So if you want to see lots of
clips, just try it yourself. Anyway, follow the strange girl to the inn. Talk to Elusia, the mother
inn ( Bates motel ???? ). Grab your staff anytime she wants to keep it. Choose this option :
Other guess, Why, Flatter ( his daughter with the diner ), Lie (to make her happy), See
guest and Guest ( on the bottom line, don't be distracted by her, just keep on asking for the
other guess ). After you points indicator reachs its maximum points, go straight to the stair.
Use your staff to block any movement from Elusia and his daughters. Don't talk to them, just
prepare your staff. Do this 5 times and they will give up. Choose to meet the guest upstair or
just recall your memory and choose "Help". Anyway, you'll pass the test that Elusia gives to
you. Talk to Naranya. Use your Entrophy Tracker to save her. Receive another magic items
from Elusia. It's the Salas Sphere. Learn the pattern to recharge it from your friend,
Lumaseed. Then follow Naranya to the castle. 

Note : Should you try to choose different path and loose your staff, just try to find it in the
wood. Locate the girl with staff with your Tracker. Then follow the girl WITH THE STAFF to
raise your point indicator. You'll get it back in no time. Should you be caught by the king's
man, try to distract them when they want to hang you. But if they bury you, say goodbye ....... 

Back to TOP 

DISC FOUR : Arisar's Secret

Watch out !!!! The Amalions have captured Naranya. Stay put to save her. Use the Dragon
Staff or The Salas Sphere on the Amalions to block their attack. You'll be knocked down by
them. Now, here it is. The chasing sequence again. This time, there's a combination between
blocking, detecting and calming. Block any attack from Amalions with your Dragon Staff.
When you see someone with a white robe, just hide or run away. He is Arisar. When you see
a fire attack, use the Salas Sphere on its source. Then use the Tracker to track where the
Amalions are. Anyway, after raising your score indicator to 2 stars, you should be at the
castle. Get inside to the dungeon and talk to the wizard. He wants you to check out the lab.
Go to the lab and watch that Arisar's has known Conlin secret. Now he captures him. Report
this to the wizard. Use the magic map to go back to the forest. 

If you see that pattern puzzle again, just find the pattern. If you see someone with white robe
and there's Mersham icon appear, approach him. Mersham will tell you to use the Salas
Sphere when dealing with the Amalions. Raise your score indicator again to 3 stars, then you
should be back at the castle. Go to the dungeon and talk to the wizard. He asks you to find
Conlin. Now, go to the dungeon. Conlin should be there. Talk with him. Then report this to
the wizard. Travel back to the forest. Raise another point, and you should arrive at the
Amalions camp. Talk to them, but remember DON'T manipulate, flirt, or cheat them. Just
keep on saying that you want to meet Naranya. Finally they will bring her to you. But she's
been hypnotized. She doesn't recognize you. Oh..... this is bad. You have to fight her now.
Every 1-2 succesful blocks, the recall memory icon will appear. Choose these answer to gain
her memories : Rendala, Hyphastian, Gratitude, True Power, Elusia, and Sorena. Note :
sacrifice yourself to make her stamina raise up if you have to. This should shorten the fight. But
you must know your limit. Don't sacrifice too much. Anyway DON'T make her stamina wear
down, or you have to do the fight from the begining again. 

After the fight, choose : Brave, Reason, then Recall memory and choose : Care and
Gratitude. Then you'll received the Thunderstone in replace of Salas Sphere. Learn the
pattern from Lunacy. Heal Naranya with the Tracker. The leader will take you to the campfire
for the dance. This is a very hard puzzle. I recommend you to do this in basic mode. But if you
want to try in hero mode, just go ahead and receive your bonus scene. Anyway you have to
click on the bottom right corner ( on that glowing things ) to solve this puzzle. Make the same
pattern and you raise your point indicators, you miss the same pattern and you'll lower the
indicator. So good luck. After you've beaten the puzzle, use the Thunderstone on the smoke
to have a vision. You have to do this several times before the dance is over. Say goodnight to
Naranya and prepare for the next day. 

On the next morning, Arisar's man will capture the Amalions. Listen to the conversation
between Arisar and Seshara. Hmmm ..... they were married and had a daughter. This is
interesting. Naranya then will guide you to find Mersham. Talk to Mersham. Click on his robe
to get it. It's the Vanishment. Learn the pattern from Lumaseed. Suddenly Arisar's man come
out and capture you. Naranya wants to meet you in the shell before she splits. Great, you're
back at Arisar's stronghold. 

Back to TOP 

DISC FIVE : Arisar's Stronghold

The wizard will ask you to find the King. Go to the garden and listen the plan to eliminate
Arisar. Hmmmm.... Arisar is just another puppet for the king. Report this to the wizard. This
time she wants you to find out about Arisar. Go inside the main building and to the second
floor. Peep through the keyhole. Watch how Arisar and the king have an argue. Now get
back to the wizard. Should you get caught in this building, use the Vanishment to make
yourself invisible. Anyway, report about this to the wizard. Then choose the knife picture, and
click to the hole. You'll arrive in front of the dungeon. Get inside and meet the Amalions. Talk
with her. 

Suddenly Geebo came in and beat you. Use the Thunderstone to make him sleepy. Get out
and go back to the dungeon. Choose the knife picture and click on the hole. Now you'll arrive
in front of the first floor door. Peep through the keyhole. Use your Vanishment before you
rush in. Inside Arisar is gambling with Seshara's life. Help her by giving the sign to the correct
hand. Look at Arisar's hand and notice the paper with diamond sign on it. Use the candle to
give the sign. On each try, don't forget to recharge your Vanishment before giving new clues.
After the third hint, suddenly your Vanishment loose its power. You'll be seen by Arisar's.
Now he is gambling with your life. 

Just take a wild guess. Ha.. ha.. ha... just kiddin'. Look at that candles ??!!! Choose the
appropriate hand with the lit candle. If the left candle lits up, choose the left hand. After 3 tries,
you'll meet a new Arisar, the gentleman. Grab his offer, the Shell. Learn its pattern from
Lumaseed. Then follow him on horse to meet Atum, the God of Eseveron. The secrets are
revealed. Naranya is Arisar's daughter and Conlin is her stepfather. The king wants to make a
bomb to destroy the universe. Suddenly the King comes out with Naranya in his hand. Now it
is time to save the universe by deactivating the bomb and release Naranya. 

There are 4 different endings from here : 

     If you fail to disarm the bomb, the King and Jim Cage will rule the universe. The bad is
     taking over the world. 
     If you give the Shell to Mersham, than you'll be blown away to death 
     If you choose to make Naranya stay in her world, actually she'll come with you and die
     in your world ( or ..... May I said very very old !!! ) 
     If you choose to make her come with you, she'll actually stay in her world and all turn
     good to everyone 

Anyway, here is the way to disarm the bomb. After you enter the gate, use the Tracker to
open the way ( recharge it if it is necessary ). Click on the empty spot in the pathway to avoid
crashing the crystals. Do this 4 times and you'll get the bomb. Use the Shell first to open the
control panel. Use the Tracker on the control panel ( the white thing on the top of the bomb )
to activate it. Then use the Thunderstone on the control panel to destroy it. Push the button on
the top of the control panel. Move your cursor until the picture of flower appear on the button.
Then use the Vanishment to destroy the bomb. Watch the ending. 

First you'll be sent away to the mental hospital. After several weeks, you'll be back on the
street again. This time Naranya will meet her father, and a lovely girl will give you a package
containing the Rendala band. Yup, Mersham is back ......... and GAME OVER. 

Copyright @1997, Crash 


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