Cheat Goat's PC Codes


Freedom Force

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the game 
folder. Add the following lines to the file:

import ff 

Begin a game and press ~ at the database screen to display the console window. 
Type one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding 
cheat function:

Result - Cheat Code
Invincibility for entire party - god() 
Enemies do not move or attack - peace() 
Win current mission - Mission_Win() 
Unlock all character powers in current mission - DEBUG_ALLPOWERS=1 
Add CP to specified character - Campaign_AddCP('[name]',[number]) 
Automatically specified character - Campaign_Recruit('[name]') 
Unlock specified built-in character's origin - Campaign_UnlockOrigin('[name]') 
Set prestige amount - Campaign_AddPrestige([number]) 

Character names -
When entering a character name in a code, it must be all lower-case, with spaces 
converted to underscores "_". Also, remove hyphens "-" in names. Some examples 

El Diablo: 'el_diablo' 
Alche-Miss: 'alchemiss' 
Mentor: 'mentor' 

Bonus characters -
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Certain game retailers are releasing a bonus Freedom 
Force disc. This disc will give you more powers as well as three new recruitable 
built in characters for campaign mode. They are Blackbird, Iron Ox, and 
Supercollider. Use the following steps to unlock them without the bonus disc. 
Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the game folder. Add the 
following lines to the file:

import ff 

By Nicadeamus

This FAQ is Copyright 2002 by Keith McClain
|    Game name : Freedom Force             |
|    Genre : Role-playing                  |
|    Developer : Irrational Games LLC      |
              |    Publisher : Crave Entertainment,Inc     
                 and Electronic Arts Inc   |
|    Released : 2002                       |
|   FAQ name : Freedom Force FAQ/Walkthrough        |
|   FAQ author : Keith McClain "Nicadeamus"         |
|   Version : 1.0                                   |
|   Contact :                |
|   Date : April 1, 2002                            |

Hello! This Faq was made in response to the fact that I couldn't find one
already made (which has changed in the 3 days it took me to make this.) I
hope anyone that uses it finds it helpful. If anyone would like to reprint
or use this Faq in any way other than it's completed form herein, please
email me for permission.

1.Came a Hero!
2.Strange Visitors
3.Strange Visitors 2
4.Skating on Thin Ice
5.Skating on Thin Ice 2
6.A Nuclear Winter
7.A Nuclear Winter 2
8.A Nuclear Winter 3
9.In the Nick of Time
10.In the Nick of Time 2
11.In the Nick of Time 3
12.Prehistoric Panic
13.Here Today, Gone Forever
14.City of Darkness
15.Where Shadows Fall
16.Where Shadows Fall 2
17.Looking for Trouble
18.Looking for Trouble 2
19.Wanted - The Minuteman
20.Wanted - The Minuteman 2
21.Wanted - The Minuteman 3
22.Deja Who
23.Deja Who 2
24.Seeing Double
25.Robots on the Rampage
26.Robots on the Rampage 2
27.Robots on the Rampage 3
28.Destruction Production
29.The Madness of Mr. Mechanical
30.History Lesson
31.A God Walks the Earth
32.Forbidden Fruit
34.Beginning of the End
35.The End of Time
36.The End of Time 2
37.The End of Time 3
38.The End of Time 4

II.Tips, Tricks, and Loose Ends
1.Infinite Prestige Points
2.Heroic Beating
4.My Dream Team (a well rounded team to strike fear in the
hearts of evil-doers)
a.The Deja-hunter (Dream Team version):
b.The Heavy Hitter
c.The Spy

I. Walkthrough
I have chosen not to include the locations of red and purple energy X
canisters because they are everywhere, and usually not hidden. Also, the
canisters, objectives, and baddies I have listed may not be all inclusive.
Even I miss things from time to time ; )

Primary Objective: Catch O'conner (80 prestige points)
Secondary Objective: Rescue the victim from the muggers (20 pp)
Baddies: Gangster (20 pp), 18 Thugs with bats (5pp each), 9 Thugs with
pistols (10ppeach), O'connor (20pp)
Canisters: Green (XP) behind a building with a Fresh Coffee sign, in the
alley, along the left side of town.

This being the first level, it is mostly just a training stage. If you
want to zip through the level, follow the red arrow as soon as it shows
up. Otherwise, follow the yellow arrows for all the tips, baddies, and so
on in the level. The level is extremely self-explanatory, follow the
arrows, talk to the designated people, it's all over before you know it.

Primary Objective: Catch Sukhov (80pp), Talk to the stranger (40pp), Use
Mentor to talk to the thug (20pp)
Secondary Objective: Knock out all the thugs (20pp), Don't alert the
guards (80pp)
Baddies: 12 Traitors with bats (7pp each), 13 Traitors with guns (12pp

Travel by rooftops in this mission to remain undetected. The secondary
objectives are almost impossible to do both. If the guards are alerted,
more Traitors with guns than the original 13 will appear from the
guardhouses. The object of this level is to reach the parking lot on the
far top of the map. The enemies won't appear until you get there.

Primary Objective: Catch Suhkov (80pp)
Secondary Objective: Knock out all the thugs (20pp)
Baddies: 4 Traitors with bats (7pp each), 6 Traitorous Grenadiers (10pp
each), 14 Traitors with guns (12pp each)

This is another straightforward level. Take out the grenadiers as soon as
possible on the rooftops, they never run out of grenades. Sukhov is on the
far left side of the map in the building area. This is a good level to
play with Mentor's mental abilities.

Primary Objective: Find out why the park is frozen (40pp), Break the man
out of the ice (20pp), Save the civilians frozen in ice by breaking them
out of it (40pp), Knock out the Ice Queen! Don't let her get away! (60pp)
Secondary Objective: Rescue the woman from the muggers (20pp)
Baddies: Ice Queen (40pp), 16 Ice troopers (20 pp each), Traitor with bat
(7pp), Traitorous Grenadier (10pp), Traitor with gun (12pp), 6 Thugs with
bats (5pp each)

The action in this level covers the entire map, in and out of the park. If
any of the ice baddies see you, charge them quickly. Don't give them a
chance to freeze you. Follow the arrows, save the frozen people, and the
mission will unfold itself.

Primary Objective: Find and free Minuteman (40pp), Find and free Mentor
(40pp), El Diablo must not fall (60pp), Destroy the pump house (40pp),
Defeat the Ice Queen so you can interrogate her (80pp)
Secondary Objective: Save the couple from the Ice Queen (20pp)
Baddies: 4 Ice Queens (40pp each), 17 Ice troopers (20pp each)
Canisters: Green (XP) inside of a trashcan. You may need to talk to the
couple on the right side of the map first for it to appear. You must
destroy the trashcan to get the canister. I believe the canister is not
always in the same trashcan.

Didn't Mentor just make a snide remark about Minuteman walking into a
trap? Ah well, they are both frozen, and it's up to El Diablo to save the
day. El Diablo can fly, which opens up a whole new style of exploring and
scouting. Cover the whole park for maximum pp, destroy the pump house,
then fight the last bad guys. Easy.

Primary Objective: Defeat all the cold warriors and find out where Nuclear
Winter is going (60p)
Secondary Objective: Deafeat all of Nuclear Winter's minions (20pp)
Baddies: 3 Ice Queens (40pp each), 15 Ice troopers (20pp each), 4 Turrets
(15pp each)

This level is fast and furious. The enemy rushes you from the start. As
you advance up the carrier, the baddies come in waves. If you decide to
take out the turrets, be sure to hit the part that is shooting you. Taking
out the turret stands has no beneficial effect that I can find.

Primary Objective: Track Nuclear Winter by following the directions of the
mysterious stranger (60pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 8 Ice Queens (40pp each), 7 Frost warriors (40pp each), 19 Ice
troopers (20pp each)

This level can be a true pain. Take it slow and work your way across the
valley untill you get to Man-bot. And save a lot...

Primary Objective: Don't let Minuteman fall. This is personal! (60pp),
Bring Nuclear Winter to justice (40pp), Minuteman must disarm the bomb
before it explodes (80pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 3 Ice Queens (40pp each), 5 Ice Queens (50pp each), 7 Frost
warriors (40pp each), 14 Ice troopers (20pp each), Nuclear Winter (200pp)

With the large concentration of baddies in various spots, this is another
level to take very slowly. To the right of the starting point is some
troopers chasing down civilians. Before taking on Nuclear Winter, have El
Diablo fly the long way around to the top of the cliff. There he can
attract the attention of the troopers at the top and bring them back to
the group to take out. When the fight scene with Nuclear Winter commences,
have Minuteman immediately head to disarm the bomb. Use the other heroes
to keep Nuclear Winter and any remaining goons occupied.

Primary Objective: Get to the bank and talk to police chief (20pp), Bank
must not be destroyed (40pp), Protect Nick Craft from harm (60pp), Destroy
the armored car (20pp), Catch all the bank robbers escaping on foot (40pp)
Secondary Objective: Don't allow any part of the bank to collapse (40pp)
*note: this apparently doesn't include the back wall that the robbers blow
up when they escape*
Baddies: 8 Thugs with bats (5pp each), 4 Thugs with guns (12pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) in the alleys at the bottom-most block, Yellow (pp)
in the alleys at the top-most block.

This level is extremely easy, and is intended to become accustomed to Man-
bot. Have Mentor retrieve the green canister, then the yellow. Nick should
follow Mentor. Man-bot can do this mission all by himself with little

Primary Objective: Arrest the robbers at the Starlight cinema (40pp),
Protect Nick Craft from harm (60pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: Gangster (20pp), 4 Hitmen (15pp), 2 Thugs with bats (5pp each), 3
Thugs with guns (12pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) right in the middle of the map in the alley.

El Diablo should have no problem here as long as you don't rush into the
middle from the start. Work your way inward, it's a small map.

Primary Objective: Defeat Pinstripe before Nick Craft dies (80pp), Check
back on Nick! (60pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 3 Thugs with guns (12pp each)

Pinstripe is very resistant to damage, so you need to gang up on him. Have
Minuteman take out the thugs while the other teammates move in, then let
Pinstripe have it.

Primary Objective: Protect Alchemiss until she can close the portal
(40pp), Find the portal (20pp), Defeat the raptors so the portal can be
closed! (60pp), Defeat the T-Rex (80pp)
Secondary Objective: Return the loot to the proper authorities (20pp)
Baddies: 10 Raptors (20pp each), 7 Wild Raptors (30pp each), 8 Tough
Raptors (35pp each), 5 Thugs with bats (5pp each), 5 Thugs with guns (12pp
each), T-Rex (150pp)
Canisters: Green (xp) under a giant hamburger on top of a building. Do not
destroy the burger, or the canister will disappear. Have El Diablo or
another flier land on the burger, then zoom in real close until you can
see the canister. Click on it, and the character will grab it from
underneath the burger. Yellow (pp) under a tree in the park, towards the
top of the map.

This level is big, and a lot is going on. It wouldn't be so bad if it
wasn't for the fact that the raptors will run if you chase them, and the
raptors have a higher speed. This level is also the point in the game
where you can start using custom heroes. If you do bring in a custom
character into this level, be sure that the character has a good speed.
From this point on, the more custom heroes you use (that are built
intelligently,) the easier the game will be.

Primary Objective: Investigate the source of the earthquakes (20pp), Close
the anthills and defeat the ants (80pp)
Secondary Objective: Prevent the ants from stealing more than $50,000
worth of property (40pp)
Baddies: Soldier ants (30pp each), Worker ants (10pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) under a vent on top of a building with a Fresh
Coffee sign.

There is no end to the number of ants that can crawl out of the anthills.
But be careful fighting them, or exploring. While you are occupied doing
that, the ants are destroying the city (which means a loss of pp to you.)
Also be careful of acid damage, as it will stay with you for some time.
You will almost certainly be using heroic remedies on your heroes.

Primary Objective: Explore the caverns to find the source of the ant
menace (60pp), Man-bot must survive (60pp)
Secondary Objective: Break the cages to free the civilians held prisoner
Baddies: 17 Soldier ants (30pp each), 13 Worker ants (10pp each), 9 Blue
Darkmen (30pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) in the second city area behind a building next to
the cage. Yellow (pp) in the third city area behind a building.

This is a long winding level in which you must break the walls separating
the different areas. There are also several hazards to be aware of. First
are the explosive mushrooms. They will go boom if hit by you or debris.
Second are the ants that spit acid. They tend to go straight for the
weakest character. Third are the Darkmen. They have an area attack that
has a real bite and can stun. There is a hallway that you can break into
behind The Ant at the end of the level. There is where you head when the
mission is over. I have not found anything special there, but if you find
something I don't know, please feel free to email me.

Primary Objective: Corner Shadow in her lair! (40pp), The Ant must not
fall...This is personal (40pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 9 Blue Darkmen (30pp each), Purple Darkmen (35pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) in the back of the second city area, up on a ledge.

This level is like the last, but blessedly no ants. When Shadow comes out,
you must defeat her before you can smash through the rocks to the next
area. To open the stone doors, The Ant must pull both ropes on either end
of the door.

Primary Objective: Corner Shadow in her lair! (40pp), Defeat Shadow (80pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: ? Blue Darkmen (30pp each), ? Purple Darkmen (35pp each), Shadow
(300pp) Canisters: Yellow (pp) in front of Shadow's throne, Yellow (pp) at
the bottom corner of the room.

This is the final showdown with Shadow. Darkmen will continuously spawn
throughout the fight. At the start, Shadow is invincible. Every time you
beat her, she will respawn at full health. Have your heavy hitter go
around the room and knock out the columns. When all the columns are
destroyed, light will shine down into the room and Shadow will become

Primary Objective: Track down Pinstripe's base of operations (60pp),
Defeat and interrogate thugs for clues to Pinstripe's location (40pp)
Secondary Objective: Find the owner of the second purse and return it to
them (it belongs to a lady standing on the corner of a street, she will
call to you when you pass close to her.) (40pp)
Baddies: Crooked Cop (0pp), 3 Gangsters (20pp each), 7 Hitmen (15pp each),
13 Thugs with bats (5pp each), 5 Thugs with guns (12pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) behind the giant Tomato ad board on top of a
building, Green (xp) on top of a building with a Fresh Coffee sign.

Liberty Lad just had to go out and prove himself. This level isn't hard as
long as you play smart. Use Liberty Lad's stun grenades when possible to
even out the odds. Just follow the arrows and this level is a piece of

Primary Objective: Find and defeat Pinstripe! (80pp), Destroy the four
warehouses (60pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 6 Gangsters (20pp each), Microwave robot (250pp), Pinstripe
(250pp), ? Thugs with bats (5pp each), Thug with bombs (10pp), 23 Thugs
with guns (12pp each)
Canisters: Yellow (pp) on top of Pinstripe's warehouse #4.

It's time to deal with Pinstripe. To make him come out to play, you must
demolish his 4 warehouses. Be sure you don't take down the wrong
buildings, as it will cause a loss of pp. Order will be running around
providing assistance. When Pinstripe does come out, a Microwave robot will
teleport in from somewhere. Be sure to take him down as well, he's worth
the pp. You can destroy the guard houses if you like, there won't be any
pp penalty for doing so. When you take on Pinstripe, be sure to gang up on
him again, as he can avoid most damage.

Primary Objective: Locate the stolen moneybags (20pp), Return the stolen
moneybags to bank manager (20pp)
Secondary Objective: Apprehend all of the robbers (40pp)
Baddies: 7 Tough bat Thugs (20pp each), 6 Tough gun Thugs (30pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) in the alley at the top of the map

The thugs in this mission are much stronger than the previous thugs, but
are still pushovers to Freedom Force. Go to the bank and the robbers will
scatter. Move as a group and sweep the city. Be sure to pick up any
moneybags that the robbers drop. Then go back to the bank manager in front
of the bank. It doesn't get much more straightforward than this. If you
plan on using the Deja-hunter as described later in this Faq, this is the
time to port the hero in, since you will soon be facing the police clones.

Primary Objective: bring the Minuteman clone to justice (60pp), Keep
Liberty Lad safe (60pp)
Secondary Objective: Apprehend all of the robbers (40pp)
Baddies: 7 Tough bat Thugs (20pp each), 3 Tough gun Thugs (30pp each),
Police (40pp), 2 Female civilians (20pp each), Male civilian (10pp)

There are two ways to do this level. The easy way is to just run after the
red arrow and take down the Minuteman clone. Or, you could sweep the city
and find the other clones for added pp. The police clones can be tricky,
as they can fly and have fast healing. If you have a custom hero with a
direct attack, use that on this and all future police clones. The female
clones have an area attack that can drain your power, and the male clones
will explode. It would be better to handle both of these with ranged

Primary Objective: Keep Liberty Lad safe (60pp), Defeat all the duplicate
cops (40pp), Talk to the police chief at the station (20pp), Defeat Deja
Vu! (80pp)
Secondary Objective: Protect the cops and their station (20pp)
Baddies: 11 Police (40pp each), ? Deja Vus (400pp each)
Canisters: Yellow (pp) in the alley towards the top of the map, directly
behind a building with a Jersey Fried Chicken sign.

The police clones in this level go for the good cops until you start
clobbering them, which makes fulfilling the secondary objective a little
difficult. This is the first time you can use the Deja Vu-infinite pp
trick (described later in this Faq,) but don't plan on making more than
about 5000pp since the cops in this level will be shooting at Deja Vu
constantly (and hitting your heroes in the process.)

Primary Objective: Find Minuteman and rescue him (40pp), Liberty Lad must
not be defeated (60pp)
Secondary Objective: Defeat all the duplicate cops in the park (60pp)
Baddies: 2 Tough gun Thugs (30pp each), 10 Police (40pp each), 3 Female
civilians (20pp each), 3 Male civilians (10pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) under a tree at the top corner of the park.

Liberty Lad must find the 4 people that have the stanzas of Deja Vu's
rhyme to free the Minuteman statue. This level is too easy if you bring a

23. DEJA WHO 2
Primary Objective: Liberty Lad must not be defeated (60pp), Defeat the
duplicate Minuteman (60pp), Rescue the real Minuteman (80pp)
Secondary Objective: Find and defeat all clones in the park (40pp)
Baddies: 7 Police (40pp each), 4 Female civilians (20pp each), 4 Male
civilians (10pp each), 1-4 minutemen (200pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) inside a tree at the bottom corner of the map.

Liberty lad must get clues from 4 clones across the park then release the
right statue. If you try to release the wrong statues for the extra pp,
you will only be allowed to fight 3 more Minutemen.

Primary Objective: Find out what Deja Vu is up to (20pp), Destroy the
Cloning ray-gun! (60pp), Don't allow any part of the ray-gun building to
collapse (80pp), Disable the shield generators (40pp), Defeat Deja Vu!
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: ? Deja Vu (400pp each), 17 Police (40pp each), 5 Female civilians
(20pp each), 4 Male civilians (10pp each), Thug with bat (5pp), Cloning
ray (0pp)
Canisters: Green (xp) under a crate in the alley on the right side of the
map, Yellow (pp) on top of a building on the left side of the map.

This is the best mission to perform the Deja-infinite pp trick. First,
choose your team. Eve is mandatory, your Deja-hunter, and two weak
characters (in case they get cloned, so they will be easy to take down.)
Have the hero team stay back. You won't even need them for other than
getting the canisters. Have the Deja-hunter fly over to the ray gun and
destroy the 2 shield generators, then the ray gun, all with your melee
attack. Then clean up any other baddies you want to handle. Now get ready
for some dirty Deja hunting. Hit the main Deja Vu once with your acid
attack, and let his life dwindle. Then go after the clones. When Deja Vu's
life stops dropping, your job gets easier. Since the clones form with only
half the life of the original, these reduced clones only need to be hit
once. The acid damage will take care of the rest. Follow Deja Vu around
and blast all of his clones, repeat until you have all the pp you
want/need. Save often, because sometimes Deja Vu does something
fundamentally insipid, like getting ran over by a car, or getting shot by
his clones.

Primary Objective: Prevent the robots from destroying 15 buildings (20pp)
Secondary Objective: Prevent 10 buildings from being destroyed (40pp),
Prevent 5 buildings from being destroyed (60pp)
Baddies: 9 Mech men (35pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) on top of a building with a Burgers sign at the top
of the map.

Chase down the robots, beat them down. Yawn... Try to attack the robots head
on. They go fast enough that if you try to attack them from behind, you
may not get a hit in until they get to their destination.

Primary Objective: Protect the central city tower (60pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 14 Mech men (35pp each), 5 Flame mechs (50pp each)
Canisters: Yellow (pp) in a phone booth at the bottom of the map.

The robots come in waves from different directions. Follow the arrows and
destroy the robots.

Primary Objective: Prevent the robots from destroying the statues and the
spire (80pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 7 Mech men (35pp each), 2 Flame mechs (50pp)

This is the third mission where you blow up robots before they blow up the
city. Mr. Mechanical has no imagination, but I guess that's the point.

Primary Objective: Find and destroy Mr. Mechanical (you won't), Destroy
the four power generators. Do not damage the reactor! (60pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 27 Mech men (35pp each), 6 Flame mechs (50pp each), 8 Turrets
(15pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) in the spare parts room, Yellow (pp) in the com room
under the computers.

There's lots of running around to be found in this mission. The turrets
can be controlled by flipping the switch on the consoles. To find the
consoles, follow the power cable running from the turrets. For added pp,
destroy the turrets anyway. Feel free to trash the place, as you wont lose
any pp. That's how I found the yellow canister.

Primary Objective: Defeat Mr. Mechanical (80pp), Protect the Freedom
fortress (60pp)
Secondary Objective: Protect the school (40pp), Protect the police station
(40pp), Protect the hospital building (40pp)
Baddies: Mr. Mechanical (350pp)
Canisters: Green (xp) on top of a building in the right corner of the map,
Yellow (pp) under a crate in the alley at the bottom corner of the map.

As in all of the Mr. Mechanical missions, time is of the essence. Destroy
his robot before it destroys the city.

Primary Objective: Find and subdue the aliens (60pp), Close the alien
portals (40pp), Protect Alchemiss (20pp), Protect the museum (60pp)
Secondary Objective: Kep the museum undamaged (80pp)
Baddies: ? Alien Sergeants (75pp each), ? Alien Warriors (60pp)
Canisters: Green (xp) on top of a building with a Fresh Coffee sign close
to the bottom of the map.

Protecting Alchemiss is paramount in this mission, as she is the only one
who can close the portals. If you can't keep a constant eye on her,
consider moving her around in levitation. It is slower, but she doesn't
seem smart enough to avoid running in front of cars. The aliens wont stop
coming out of the portals at regular intervals until you close them, which
is a good source of pp if you are in need.

Primary Objective: Find the source of the Bacchites (60pp), Interrogate
the Sylphs to find out what is happening (80pp), Eve must survive (60pp)
Secondary Objective: Defeat all of Pan's minions (60pp), Free the police
by destroying the cars (40pp)
Baddies: 14 Green Sylphs (40pp each), 4 Red Sylphs (45pp each), 4 Manbulls
(75pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) in the alley on the right corner of the map.

The entire map is covered in mayhem, which can make finding some of the
enemies a little difficult. Also, some of the Sylphs will look like trees
until you get close to them. To get through the mission, Eve must talk to
4 Sylphs in particular, and the 4th wont show until Eve has talked to the
first 3.

Primary Objective: Find and administer the fruit (60pp), Microwave must
survive (60pp), Administer the fruit to a bacchite (80pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: ? Green Sylphs (40pp each), 8 Red Sylphs (45pp each), 6 Silver
Sylphs (50pp each), ? Manbulls (75pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) under a tree towards the upper left of the island.

Have your team run around the island fighting the Sylphs with Microwave
behind them collecting the fruit. Microwave must not be defeated because
he alone possesses the uncanny ability of... picking fruit (???) There are
various temples on the island that will continuously pop out Sylphs and
Manbulls. Fight them as much as you want then destroy the temples to keep
more from coming. After Microwave has collected fruit from all the trees,
he must try out the cure on one of the fallen Sylphs (in case the cure
kills her or something... doesn't seem very safe to me) before giving it to

Primary Objective: Locate Pan's Lair (60pp), Microwave must survive
(60pp), Heal Eve with the magic fruit (80pp), Defeat Pan (80pp), Eve must
survive (0pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: ? Greens Sylphs (40pp each), 2 Red Sylphs (45pp each), ? Silver
Sylphs (50pp each), 6 Manbulls (75pp each), 6 Wall Carvings (15pp each)
Canisters: Green (xp) right outside the starting room, Yellow (pp) under a
tree in the standing stones room.

Deception is around every corner in this mission. Green Sylphs come out of
the temple or hide as trees. Manbulls break through the walls from hidden
rooms. Silver Sylphs spawn out of the standing stones. And you can't beat
Pan... Of course, you can gang up on Pan so that every time he gets his life
back, you beat him down again. To succeed in this mission, Eve must be
knocked out, then Microwave must administer the cure, and then Pan can be
defeated... sort of.

Primary Objective: Place a transmitter on each of the three crystals
(80pp), Protect the civilians 90pp), Return to the base! The signal is
ready to be sent! (40pp), Defeat Lord Dominion and his elite guard (80pp)
Secondary Objective: Don't allow any civilians to be injured (40pp)
Baddies: 2 Alien Sergeants (75pp each), 2 Alien Warriors (60pp each), Lord
Dominion (450pp), 2 Hit men (15pp each), 11 Raptors (20pp each), 6 Wild
Raptors (30pp each), 7 Tough Raptors (40pp each), Thug with bat (5pp)
Canisters: Green (xp) in left corner of the map, Yellow (pp) in right
corner of the map.

Be sure to leave some heroes in town in case some Raptors come along. To
succeed the secondary mission, head left from the city to the far left
crystal. There is a woman out there who runs in various directions. Follow
her, fighting any raptors who chase her, until she gets to town. After the
last transmitter is placed, get all your heroes back to town, as Lord
Dominion is about to show on the scene with his guards. There are some
other enemies in this mission that aren't listed, those being 2 T-rexes
and a Thug with bombs. I guess since there was no more room on the Enemies
screen after the mission, the points were just dropped. Cheesey.

Primary Objective: Defeat pinstripe and his goons (20pp), Defeat Nuclear
Winter and his lackeys (20pp), Defeat the prehistoric pests (20pp), Defeat
the oversized ants (20pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 6 Soldier ants (30pp each), 2 Ice Queens (40pp each), 2 Frost
Warriors (40pp each), 2 Ice troopers (20pp each), 2 Gangsters (20pp each),
2 Hit men (15pp each) Nuclear Winter (200pp), Pinstripe (250pp)

Be aware! The heroes you choose for this mission will be the ones you
finish the rest of the game with. Also, you won't have a chance for any
more training from this point on. The team moves from disc to disc,
fighting their old enemies. Don't get knocked off the discs, or that
character is out for the rest of the mission. Disc I is Pinstripe and his
goons. Disc II is Nuclear Winter and gang. Disc 3 is various Raptors. Disc
4 is Soldier ants. Be careful on discs with city buildings. Even out here
in the lost streams of time, you will still lose pp for breaking the wrong
things. Again, there wasn't enough room on the Enemies screen, so some
were forgotten, like the Raptors.

Primary Objective: Defeat Shadow and her minions (20pp), Defeat Deja Vu
and his duplicates, Defeat the mechanical miscreants (20pp), Defeat the
Sylphs (20pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 3 Green sylphs (40pp each), 3 Red sylphs (45pp each), 2 Blue
darkmen (30pp each), 3 Purple darkmen (35pp each), Deja Vu (400pp each), 2
Police (40pp each), 2 Female civilians (20pp each), 2 Male civilians (10pp

This is more of the same. Disc V is Shadow and her darkmen. Disc 6 is Deja
Vu and clones. Disc VII is some robots. Disc 8 is some sylphs. Yet again,
some enemies are forgotten when the mission is over, namely Shadow and the

Primary Objective: Defeat Pan and his followers (20pp), Defeat the deadly
dinosaurs (20pp), Defeat the robotic reprobates (20pp), Defeat Timemaster
and his temporal twins (20pp)
Secondary Objective:
Baddies: 2 Silver sylphs (50pp each), 2 Manbulls (75pp each), 3 Microwave
robots (250pp each), Pan (450pp), 3 Temporal twins (250pp each),
Timemaster (250pp)

These are the last discs. Disc IX is Pan and his creations, and some
temples to spawn new sylphs and Manbulls. Disc X is 2 T-Rexes. Disc XI is
3 Microwave robots and some turrets. Disc XII is Timemaster and his twins.
And surprise, surprise... some enemies were forgotten when it came time to
dish out the pp. This time it was the T-Rexes.

Primary Objective: Destroy the field holding Man-bot prisoner (60pp),
Destroy the 3 mental constraint devices (60pp), Defeat Timemaster once and
for all! (80pp)
Secondary Objective:

Here is the final showdown. First off, go destroy the 3 constraints found
at the edges of the disc. Then take down Timemaster and watch the ending
cinematic. Good job!

II. Various tips and tricks for Freedom Force------

1. Infinite Prestige Points:
When fighting Deja Vu (in the Deja ray gun level), he will continually
create clones of himself. Each clone is also worth 400 prestige points.
The trick here is to make the clone clobbering easy. My method is this. I
made the following hero:

The Deja-hunter-
Stats: STR 5            Attributes: Flier                                 
Body type-Stone
........SPD 9                              Fast Healing
........AGI 4                              Rapid Metabolism
.......END 4                              Glass Bones
.......ENG 1                              Unheroic

Melee attack                                        Passive Defense (5
Damage type- crushing                       Damage blocked- radiation
Magnitude- high- 15                           Block type- absorb
Energy point cost- 0                            Success rating- almost
Stun- 0                                                 Defense flags-
Knockback- 0                                      Attakcs blocked- ranged
Swiftness- very fast
Arc- none

Direct attack
Damage type- acid burn
Magnitude- medium- 10
Energy point cost- 0
Stun- 0
Knockback- 0
Range- long

Total cost: between 9,000 and 10,000 depending on which character you use,
and which attack animations.
Notes: Be sure to use a hover animation for the direct attack, so you wont
have to land each time you attack.

After the gun is destroyed and Deja comes out to play, I hit him with acid
and let his life wear down a little. Then all his clones came out very
weak, and I would hit and forget, knowing the acid would take care of
Being made of stone meant less damage, fast healing and the passive
defense countered the rad damage, flying and good speed meant chasing down
the clones easily and good agility meant lots of dodging. In a matter of
minutes I had about 100,000 prestige points, and was able to port in my
dream team of super-hero's. The same trick can be used when fighting Deja
at any point of the game (but the Seeing Double mission is the best time
and place) or anywhere where enemies can spawn continuously (although they
wont be worth 400pp like the Deja Vu clones.)

2. Heroic Beating:
When making a new character, both the Hulking and Heavy custom types have
access to some special melee abilities. When choosing and designing a
melee attack, switch to the Animation and FX screen. Under Animation,
Melee 2 will have four contacts, and Melee 4 will have three contacts.
This means each attack will hit that many times, effectively tripling or
quadrupling the damage that the character will do. Other characters may
have different melee options, but the ones that do that I've seen don't go
past 2 contacts. Also, the Bulletman hero has an impressive 6 contact
melee option, but can be costly to recruit.

3. Cloaking:
There are two forms of cloaking in the game, Cloak of Shadows and Shadow
Cloak. I have tried experimenting with both of them, and I can't find any
difference. You cannot attack while cloaked, so be sure to also get the
decloaking ability. Also, when buying a cloaking ability for a custom
hero, the cost in power is 5. But if you try to change the cost, the
lowest you can set it at is 10. If you can handle the extra cost, leave it
set at 5.

4. My Dream Team (a well rounded team to strike fear in the hearts of
For the following heroes, I maxed out their attacks to 5 levels. I did
this because of a game bug that sometime doesn't let a custom hero train
up their skills. If you were to make these same heroes with only 1 level
in their attacks, they would cost about one-third less.

a. The Deja-hunter (Dream Team version):
Stats: STR 10        Attributes: Flier                            Body
........SPD 10                          Fast Healing
........AGI 10                          Disciplined
........END 10                         Level Headed
........ENG 1                           Density Control

Melee attack (5 levels)                    Direct attack (5 levels)
Damage type-piercing                    Damage type- acid burn
Magnitude- extreme                        Magnitude- extreme
Energy point cost- 0                        Energy point cost- 0
Stun- extreme                                  Stun- extreme
Knockback- 0                                  Knockback- none
Swiftness- very fast                         Range- long
Arc- none

Total cost: Around 60,000 depending on which character you use, and which
attack animations.
Notes: Be sure to use a hover animation for the direct attack, so you wont
have to land each time you attack.

b. The Heavy Hitter
Stats:   STR 10            Attributes: Flier                                   
Body type-Stone
.........SPD 10                              Fast Healing
.........AGI 10                              Claws
.........END 10                             Level Headed
.........ENG 1                               Density Control

Melee attack (5 levels)
Damage type-energy
Energy point cost-0
Swiftness-very fast

Total cost: Around 40,000 depending on which character you use (I used
Bulletman for his 6 contact melee option,) and which attack animations.
Notes: Be sure to use one of the hero types described under the Heroic
Beating section.

c. The Spy
Stats: STR 10               Attributes: Flier                           
Body type-Stone
........SPD 10                                 Fast Healing
.........AGI 10                                Danger Sense
........END 10                                Claws
........ENG 10                                Density Control

Melee attack (5 levels)                        Cloak
Damage type- energy                          EP cost- minor
Magnitude- extreme
Energy point cost- 0                            Decloak
Stun- extreme                                      EP cost- minor
Knockback- 0
Swiftness- very fast
Arc- none

Total cost: Around 25,000 depending on which character you use, and which
attack animations.
Notes: The cost may be considerably more if you use a multi-contact melee
option character.


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