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Freespace 2

During play, type to open up cheats. You'll see a message to confirm.
Now hold ~ and enter the following... 

K                       Kill target   
Shift + K               Kill targeted sub-system
Alt + K                 10% damage to ship  
Alt + Shift + K         10% damage to target 
C                       Send message to enemies    
Shift + C               Toggle countermeasure availability for all ships 
I                       Invincibility 
Shift + I               Invincibility for target    
O                       Descent-style physics    
W                       Unlimited weapons for your ship   
Shift + W               Unlimited weapons for all ships  
G                       All primary goals complete    
Shift + G               All secondary goals complete  
Alt + G                 All bonus goals complete  
9                       Move forward through secondary weapons   
Shift + 9               Move backward through secondary weapons   
0                       Move forward through primary weapons   
Shift + 0               Move backward through secondary weapons   
R                       Rearm request for target   


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